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Bushcraft Wildcraft
September 23-25 2022

Join OWL EYES WILDERNESS SURVIVAL, BEAR HAND BUSHCRAFT, DUG NORTH, and MOOSE RIDGE WILDERNESS SCHOOL for a weekend full of wild crating skills! Camp in the beautiful mountains of Maine and learn how to carve wooden spoons, coal burn bowls, make atlatls, bolas, twist cordage from natural plants, sew leather pouches, and many more skills. This weekend class will cover many aspects of wild crafting and you will go home with lots of cool projects. This class is for adults, but minors ages 12+ are welcome with a parent. Morning coffee and dinner will be provided.

$450 a person.

E-Mail owleyeswilderness@gmail.com to sign up or for more info.

Bushcraft Wildcraft Weekend Upton, ME September 23-25 2022

This weekend crafting class is designed to set you up with a full experience where you can BE in the wilderness, while practicing these fun skills. Camp out in rural Maine with a group of like-minded folks sharing the same interest as you. Coffee and dinner will be provided. Campsites will be provided.

Skills covered: Spoon carving, coal burning bowls, pine pitch glue, atlatls, bolas, cordage from plants, leather sewing, and many more skills. 

Mature minors welcome with a parent.
PRICING: $450 per student.
Email owleyeswilderness@gmail.com to sign up. $100 deposit required to reserve a spot.


Meet Your Instructors

Kate Wentworth
is a 2-time “Naked and Afraid” participant as well as a Survivalist from the new series “Mountain Masters”, off-grid homestead living expert, and an earth skills instructor for Bear Hand Bushcraft. She is the founder of Bear Hand Necessities (a company that specializes in obtaining bear fat from hunters that would have thrown it away) and creating natural balms and salves. She is a published author and video creator on building off-grid cabins. In her spare time she tans deer hides and beaver furs, which she makes into clothing and garments such as warm winter mittens to handle the woods of Northern Maine where she calls home.

Dug North
grew up playing in the woods of rural Vermont and went on to study anthropology at the University of Vermont. He has a wide range of skills including friction fires, pitch glue, bark baskets, stone tools, cordage, shelters, traps, and more. His commitment to his practice caught the attention of the makers of the History Channel’s survival show ALONE. He was invited to the Season 8 casting bootcamp with 23 other semi-finalists. He fills his time flint knapping, navigating backcountry terrain with minimal equipment, and pushing the limits of these skills.

Tim Swanson
is the founder of Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival, a nature connection and wilderness survival school for people of all ages. He holds a double Bachelor’s degree in Adventure Education Leadership and Adventure Therapy. He is a Level 1 Certified Animal Tracker and a Wilderness First Responder. Tim has practiced and taught survival skills in mountains, rainforests, and deserts for over 15 years. OEWS started because of his passion to educate our community about nature awareness, holistic health, and outdoor recreation through the practice of wilderness survival.

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Learn to make patterns, cut, and sew leather into functional tinder pouches.



Carve spoons and bowls with basic tools and coals from the fire. 



Craft hunting weapons out of natural materials. These include the atlatl and bola.



Twist cordage out of local plants, and make glue out of pine pitch.