If you would like to learn any of these skills, please contact me to schedule a private class or contact your local library, museum, or nature center and tell them about Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival.

For 1-2 people. An informative private lesson for those wishing to get into archery or improve their skills. Bring your own bow or use one of mine! My most popular private class with adults. 4 hours. Ages 10+  

Fly fishing has been one of my favorite outdoor activities since I was 10 years old. In this class, I will take 1-3 people out on the river and we will set up our rods, tie on a fly, and learn to cast. We will also learn how to choose the right rod and line for you, talk about which flies to use, fishing knots, river safety, what gear to set yourself up with, and talk a lot about fish! Let’s see what we can catch!!! No experience necessary, and all materials provided (you are welcome to bring your own equipment) 6 hours. Ages 16+

Fishing with the rod, reel, and artificial lure is a favorite past time of many outdoors folks. This class will give you the skills necessary to select your own equipment, find fish, and keep yourself occupied for a lifetime of fishing! (Spin casting is different from fly fishing in the fact that when you cast, you cast the weight of the lure and not the weight of the line). 1-3 people. 6 hours. Ages 14+

A great addition to any survival kit, the handline is a compact piece of fishing equipment designed to hold your line. The first half of this class you will carve your own handline and set it up with a line and lure. The second half, you will learn to cast and catch fish! 1-5 people. 6 hours. Ages 14+
In historical images, the atlatl is often shown being used by a group of hunter gatherers to hunt a wooly mammoth. It is safe to say that almost all of our ancestors used the atlatl for hunting large or big game. The atlatl is an easy weapon to make, but hard to master. Think of it as an extension of your arm as you throw a 6 foot long spear. Carve an atlatl and darts out of sustainably harvested wood and materials while learning how to shoot this awesome and ancient weapon! 5 hours. Ages 14+

Traps are known to be more calorie efficient than hunting because they keep working when you are resting. This class will teach you how to find animal trails, make a few traps from the landscape, and set them up! 3 hours. Ages 12+  

Obtaining meat in any survival situation will provide you with protein and fat to keep you going! Using materials from the landscape, we will make a hunting tool that can be accurately thrown with devastating force. 2 hours. Ages 10+  


Become silent and invisible to sneak up on animals or people! Be prepared to get dirty while playing fun games to practice our stalking and camo skills! 4 hours. Ages 10+