If you would like to learn any of these skills, please contact me to schedule a private class or contact your local library, museum, or nature center and tell them about Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival.

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There are two options for this class: combining Survival 1 & 2, or Survival 3 & 4. The curriculum is the same compared to each individual class but this offering gives more time for students to practice the skills and to go deeper into each of those skills. We will meet Saturday morning, camp out Saturday night, and depart Sunday evening. Bring your own camping gear and food. 2 days. Ages 18+

SURVIVAL 5 "Lost in the Wilderness"
Ready to put all your skills to the test? This is for those who wish to tie all their skills together and implement them in a real life "lost in the woods" scenario. Students will be expected to have practiced the previous skills and be ready to implement them. This overnight class will provide you the opportunity to practice being in a survival situation while having backup support in a team based scenario. The curriculum for this class is kept open to allow learning for new skills such as spoon carving, basket weaving, animal processing, etc. 2 days. Ages 18+ Prerequisite: Survival 4 (Look under "Survival Skills" Tab)

Escape from it all and come relax in the woods of northern New Hampshire. Camping in a tent or a cabin for 5 days and 4 nights, we will have a fun, connecting experience with the natural world. Focusing on tracking and finding moose, we will also learn survival skills, go hiking, meditate, eat organic food, drink spring water, and explore the woods! All meals will be provided. 5 days. Ages 18+