If you would like to learn any of these skills, please contact me to schedule a private class or contact your local library, museum, or nature center and tell them about Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival.

Regulating your core body temperature is a higher priority than hydrating and eating food! Using sticks and what we find on the forest floor we will build a personal shelter called a debris shelter. This shelter requires no tools or rope to build. It also keeps you dry and warm without the use of a fire! 3 hours. Ages 6+
I have lived in a snow shelter for 10 days straight and it was extremely cozy! Learn how to build a shelter using mostly snow and materials that nature provides. This shelter will keep you warm despite frigid, windy conditions outside. Snow dependent. 6 hours. Ages 8+
Learn to protect yourself from the elements using common backpacking equipment. Keeping your food safe from animals is a must-know as well! 3 hours. Ages 10+