If you would like to learn any of these skills, please contact me to schedule a private class or contact your local library, museum, or nature center and tell them about Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival.

These 5 survival classes are designed to help you go deeper into your skills over time. Everyone starts with the Introduction, Survival 1. As the classes progress, the skills become more connective and go off of the previous skills you have learned. I offer shorter, abridged version for younger children.
SURVIVAL 1 "Introduction to Nature"
This introductory class will set you up with the basic skills to keep your self warm, hydrated, fed, and found. Learn to use and sharpen a knife safely, tie 5 basic knots, set up a tarp shelter, outdoor clothing selection, build and start a fire with only 1 match, purify water, forage for wild edible plants, basic compass techniques, and hunt with simple weapons. These skills are the foundation to your survival practice, and I recommend this class to anyone who wishes to enjoy the great outdoors! 5 hours. Ages 10+ 

SURVIVAL 2 "Deepening Connections"
The 2nd class in this progression, will enable you to use materials found in the landscape while incorporating items from your survival kit. Learn how to safely and effectively use a saw, tie 2 useful knots, build a shelter using only materials from the earth, start a fire using the bow drill method, make a pine bark basket to boil water, and carve a trap to catch small animals. 5 hours. Ages 12+ Prerequisite: Survival 1

SURVIVAL 3 "Understanding the Land"
This 3rd class is for those who want their skills to be honed and ready for anything! Learn to use and sharpen an axe, tie 4 advanced knots, start a fire with a hand drill, create a natural filter for water, carve and use a fishing handline, craft natural cordage from plants, and create a smoky signal fire. 5 hours. Ages 14+ Prerequisite: Survival 2
SURVIVAL 4 "Becoming Wild"
Those who have taken the previous 3 classes will have many life saving skills to practice and implement should they ever be lost in the forest. This 4th level class will equip you with the knowledge to create stone cutting tools, tie 2 advanced knots, identify animal tracks, craft wooden bowls to boil water in, create an atlatl hunting weapon, and revisit the bow drill with advanced techniques. 6 hours. Ages 16+ Prerequisite: Survival 3
SURVIVAL 5 "Lost in the Wilderness"
Ready to put all your skills to the test? This is for those who wish to tie all their skills together and implement them in a real life "lost in the woods" scenario. Students will be expected to have practiced the previous skills and be ready to implement them. This overnight class will provide you the opportunity to practice being in a survival situation while having backup support in a team based scenario. The curriculum for this class is kept open to allow learning for new skills such as spoon carving, basket weaving, animal processing, etc. 2 days. Ages 18+ Prerequisite: Survival 4