If you would like to learn any of these skills, please contact me to schedule a private class or contact your local library, museum, or nature center and tell them about Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival.

A walk in the woods will yield many animal signs to the aware human. In this class, we will look at animal tracks, scat, fur, and any other signs that animals left behind. We will learn to identify which animals the tracks belong to. 2 hours. Ages 6+
Do you think you could run fast enough and lose those who are following you? Come out in the snowy woods and as a group we will take turns tracking each other down. But watch out, the person you thought you were tracking might be tracking you instead! 4 hours. Ages 18+
Let’s travel to the beach and enjoy the sun and water while playing in the sand. We will look at various gaits of many different animals and try to replicate them, as well as practice reading each other’s tracks while traveling at different speeds. 6 hours. Ages 18+