Tim Swanson
Wilderness Survival Skills Instructor
Groton, Massachusetts
Golden, Colorado
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Every custom course is priced specifically to that course. Many factors determine the price once I know: the duration of the program, the number of participants, course content and distance of travel.

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I offer special programs to homeschool students or anyone wishing to seek a long term learning opportunity with me. These programs meet once a week for 3 hours and allow students to go deeper into the skills over a longer period of time. Students will be provided with a light homework assignment between each class.

Option #1: Custom All Ages

You choose how many days we meet, and which combinations of classes you would like.


Option #2: Crafting Ages 6-12

In this 4 week program students will work on various crafting projects with all natural materials. By the end of this series students will have a display-worthy array of tools and crafts. These may include: Bone awls, stone cutting tools, buckskin pouches, natural cordage, jewelry, baskets, etc. This class can also be easily adapted to an indoor space.


Option #3: Survival Ages 7-14

This 6 week program is designed to set students up with the fundamentals of wilderness survival. We will use natural and modern tools to learn the basics of shelter building, water purification, fire building, and obtaining food in a survival situation.


Option #4: Fire Master Ages 8-14

5 weeks of learning about one thing and one thing only...FIRE! This program will set students up with the skills to safely build a sustainable fire in any condition. We will extensively cover fire safety while learning many different fire starting methods, including bow drill and hand drill (rubbing two sticks together). Students will end this program with my “Advanced Fire Challenge” which is the most challenging class I offer.


Option #5: Hunter Gatherer Ages 14-18

This 8 week class will prepare mature students to hunt and forage their own food from the natural landscape in a respectful and ethical manner. The core curriculum of this class will be modeled around shooting traditional archery, tracking, making our own animal calls, identifying and preparing wild edible plants, and crafting hunting weapons. Many other skills will be covered and knowledge gained customized to the group’s motivation and interest.

All classes have a suggested age minimum. Please email if you feel your child is mature enough to participate in a class that has an older suggested age range.

Please feel free to ask me any questions that you have through email. Contact me to scheduling a cool class! Thank you for your interest in learning with Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival. Please consider following me on Facebook and Instagram @owleyeswilderness.