Mountain Mayhem Upton, ME August 11-14

This weekend survival class and challenge is designed to set you up with a full experience where you can BE in the wilderness, while practicing these fun skills. Camp out in rural Maine with a group of like-minded folks sharing the same interest as you. Coffee, lunch dinner will be provided during class learning time. Campsites will be provided.

Students will learn various skills depending on which team they choose to be on. Expect to learn various styles of fire building, shelter construction, water purification, and methods for obtaining food in the wilderness. We are keeping many details of this experience vague as the element of surprise will add to the quality of this challenge. Any items that you make in class you are welcome to take home with you to remember the awesome experience you had. 

Mature minors welcome with a parent.
PRICING: $549.00 per person
Email to sign up. $150 deposit required to reserve a spot.

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Woman Walking in Forest


MOUNTAIN MAYHEM is a new style of survival class in which you choose a team and learn from different instructors who each have their own survival "style". After learning with them separately from the other groups, you instantly put them to the test in a survival challenge. The challenge can include anything you learned from your instructor, or something completely new in which you need to figure out how to accomplish. There will be many details left out as the element of surprise will add to the quality of this class. What we will say is be prepared for ANYTHING. You could be starting a fire and have a bucket of ice water dumped on you, you could be woken up in the middle of the night to compete in an atlatl shootout, or you could be helicoptered into the middle of nowhere blindfolded and dropped off with nothing but the clothes on your backs and need to survive for 2 nights. We could even just sit around partying and eating pizza, but probably not!

This will be a skill heavy class and we expect folks to arrive sober, well hydrated, and ready to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Although this will definitely be a challenge, it will be a fun time and we will learn a lot. Throughout the entire class we will expect students to carry anything with them they would want to have in a survival situation, as things may change suddenly. We may restrict certain gear or tools as well.

Mountain Mayhem is open to adults only, or very mature teens (16+) who arrive with their parent. Lunch and dinner will be provided...sort of. $150 deposit required to reserve a spot. Class is capped at 20 students.

Email to reserve a spot or if you have any questions. A gear list and schedule will be emailed to you upon sign-up.