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Holiday Survival Gear Guide: Knives

The gift giving season is here. I am a big fan of gifting experiences, handmade items, and food! However, sometimes we like to buy our loved ones a thoughtful material gift. Knives make an excellent present as they are timeless and don't go "out of style". A knife can be used for many things and can be carried with someone every day as a tool to cut through any obstacle! Here are my knife suggestions. Click the photo to be directed to a link to the product. At no additional cost to you, I receive a small monetary commission for products sold through the links. Thank you for your support and please reach out with any questions. I do not recommend products that I have not used and tested. All these photos are of my own personal knives.


These two are of good quality and wont break the bank, just don't do really hardcore stuff with them like heavy batoning and prying.

My first real survival knife was a Mora. These are excellent quality and come in all different styles. These are also the knives I have for students to borrow as I trust this company and appreciate the products they create. This is a great tool for any outdoor activity. A great starter knife!

A great full tang budget knife. My first exposure to this company was through them sending me a knife to test out and I was very happy with the quality, even for a $20 knife! This would be a great addition to a hiking kit or fishing tackle box as a back up blade. It can also be an excellent primary blade as it has a strong, sharp edge.


These two blades are more expensive and are of excellent quality.

I own quite a few TOPS knives and love them all. This particular knife is an amazing bushcraft knife. It is very useful for fine detail carving but can handle semi heavy use. There are some great features of this knife including a 90 degree spine to scrape ferro rods and a bow drill spindle divot on either side of the handle.

Although this is the most expensive knife on this list, its WELL worth the price. This has a traditional feel and look along with a large handle that can comfortable be held with gloves or mittens. With wooden scales and a carbon steel blade, this blade will be a welcome gift. Plus, it comes with a ferro rod in the leather sheath. Use code OWLEYES at for 5% off your order.


I carry these two multi tools with me everywhere I go. They come in handy every day and would make great gifts this holiday season. You can never go wrong with a multitool.

If you have taken a class with me, you've seen this tool on my hip. With tons of tools, this would be a well rounded gift. I mostly use the pliers, saw, scissors, and can opener. Leatherman is a USA based company with a great warranty.

Spoon carving is a popular art and past time. This compact tool has 4 different blades useful for carving spoons and can fit anywhere. I use this tool a lot and think it would be a sweet "all in one" gift for someone expressing an interest in wood carving.


You can't have a knife without a good sharpener. Its necessary to keep the blade sharp!

This is really the only sharpener I recommend to students as it has tons of surfaces to sharpen knives. Two removable diamond plates, a ceramic rod, and a strop! This is a great sharpener for the price.

These are great recommendations for what I think would be excellent gifts if you are looking to get your family, partner, or friend a knife. They address different price points and are all quality knives I have used and trust. Stay tuned for my recommendations on fire starting tools!

-Tim Swanson, Founder and Lead Instructor of Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival

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