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"Custom quality" fishing handline by Tim Swanson of Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival. This quality handline is 100% cut, carved, and sanded by hand. A timeless and beautiful fishing kit, these handlines are surely a special piece of gear to carry with you on your adventures.


Custom quality handlines are free of any bug holes, chips, and twists. Each handline is carved stencil free with a knife, sanded for hours, and oiled with Bear Hand Necessities bear fat salve. Each handline is generously wrapped with 25 lb test camoflauge braided line backing and a 4 lb test monofiliment leader. A barrel swivel attaches the braided line and monofilament. At the end of the leader, a snapswivel is attached to allow you to quickly change your lures. A 1/12th oz phoebe spoon lure comes included with your handline. Each phoebe has the original barbed treble hook replaced with a size 8 barbless carp hook.

This line setup has been specifically refined by Tim to allow for less tangling of the line, ease of casting, and success catching/releasing fish.  

Handlines are vertsitile, lightweight, compact, and can be stored in many places. These are a great gift for backpackers, hunters, and of course, fishermen. Keep one in your survival kit, car, backpack, and fishing bag.


Each custom quality handline comes with a care sheet, a sticker, patch, and are ready to use right out of the package! 


Watch the video on how to cast handlines:

Custom Quality Fishing Handline 6"

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