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It's a fishing handline, a spoon, a fork, a spreader knife, a slingshot, a worm's the FANTASTIC FISH! Hand carved by Tim Swanson of his own design and invention, this cherry wood fish serves as a multi-tool when out in the wilderness. On its own, its a full utensil set. The head is a spoon and the tail is a fork. The bottom of the fish is beveled to be used as a spreader knife. A small slingshot band can be added to the tail to be used as a slingshot. Fishing line can also be wrapped around the mouth and tail as a fishing handline. The ridges on the back can serve as a mini worm grunter by sticking the tail in the ground and going up and down the ridges with another stick. Measures approx 6" x 1.5" Hand carved and hand sanded.

Fantastic Fish

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