EDUCATION & Certifications

  • Bachelors of Science in Adventure Education Leadership

  • Bachelors of Science in Adventure Therapy

  • CPR & AED

  • Wilderness First Responder

  • CyberTracker Animal Trailing Level 2

  • CyberTracker Animal Track & Sign Level 1

  • CyberTracker Animal Tracker Level 1

  • Leave No Trace Master Educator

  • Avalanche Awareness

  • 4-H Shooting Sports Shotgun Instructor

  • 4-H Shooting Sports Archery Instructor

  • ServSafe Food Safety

Ever since I was born, being one with nature has been my passion and my purpose. As a child, I was often found outside looking for bugs, singing to birds, and hanging out in the high branches of trees. Getting older, I was often found doing the same things! I've always loved camping, tasting wild plants, following animal tracks, and catching insects. Nature makes up the majority of who I am and what I live for. Growing up in the public school system I was often referred to as "the kid who likes bugs", or "the guy with all those animal skins".

I have been involved with wilderness skills for over 15 years and have developed a strong desire to share my knowledge of nature. This is because I wish to see a world in which humans can live with the natural world in harmony and peace. And now I bring my knowledge to you! Join me for a fun, engaging, and informative experience in the woods!

My playful, light-hearted excitement, along with informative and in depth explanations of the natural world accommodates children, teens, and adults.

Don't be afraid to get muddy. Sing to the birds. Play with worms. Catch frogs. Who cares if people judge you for hugging trees? Get wet. Stare into the eyes of a swimming fish. Run in a field of grass. Smell the flowers. Live WITH nature, not separated from it.


Resiliency. Adaptation. Harmony.