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The following list contains Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival's brand partners. We will never recommend products or brands that we have not extensively used and we will always recommend products that we have carried and tested in our classes, and on outdoor adventures. We are pretty set in our ways and like the gear we carry. Products and brands must be useful, of good quality, practical, and have found a spot in our outdoor kits.

Survival Gear BSO
Great online outfitter for all your survival product needs. Survival Gear BSO is our distributor for the 3 official OEWS student survival kits. This company is based in Pennsylvania and has quick shipping! They are an online store with many quality products.
Black Beard.webp
Black Beard Fire Starters
Our favorite ferro rods and storm proof matches are from Black Beard Fire Starters. Based in Utah, they make excellent tinder plugs and tinder rope for fire starting. Although we have tested both, we are the biggest fans of their tinder plugs and use them in our fire starting classes.
Outdoor Element.webp
Outdoor Element
A Colorado based company which makes very functional and useful products. We especially love their Scout Feather Knife as it has a whistle, ferro rod, and sharpener all included. These knives are lightweight and make an excellent option for backpacking, survival kit, or a neck knife! Use code OWLEYES for a discount on your order.
Grim Workshop
Grim Workshop is popularly known for their credit card sized multi-tool kits for everything from fishing, hunting, lockpicking, and even first aid. We love their fishing kits. Get a card and keep it in your wallet! Grim's products are made in the USA. Use code OWLEYES for a discount on your order.
Freedom Forge
Jackson Mills of Freedom Forge makes the Talon and Raptor knives, that Tim Swanson of Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival designed. Both knives are sometimes sold in OEWS classes, however, Jackson makes these knives to order and offers custom handle, blade grind, and sheath options.
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