OEWS patches are available for $5 each at every class. Various colors and designs are available.
Organic cotton t-shirts coming soon!

The #1 question I get about gear is "What knife do I get?".
I have generously been given a coupon code for all my students to use over at Knives of the North, a knife dealer based out of western New York. They offer high quality knives at great prices. Please use code OWLEYES for 5% off your order.
Click the links below for my recommendations on knives, but feel free to browse and find the best fit for you!
The knives students borrow in class.
My favorite wood carving knife.
Spoon carving knives. (right handed)
Spoon carving knives. (left handed)
Best heavy duty knife.
Knife/ferro rod combo. (wicked cool)
Sharpening stone. (must keep your knife sharp)
Best knife for young children. (blunt tip)
Big knife/small knife combo (chopper and carver)