The #1 question I get about gear is "What knife do I get?".
There are so many knives out there, but here is my opinion of which has served well for me.
A carbon steel blade of about 3-4 inches which is full tang (the metal of the blade extends all the way into the handle). Scandi grinds are the best bevel edges for general woods tasks. Avoid serrated blades. A comfortable handle allows you to use the knife for long periods of time. The knife must also come with a sturdy and protective sheath. I do not like folding knives, they tend to fail when fixed blades do not.
Consider buying knives from Marttiini.
This is a knife company I am a big fan of and have used their knives for years. You may have seen me using one of theirs in my classes. If you wish to support Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival, use the below affiliate link as I receive 7% credit towards knives to use in classes. Thank you!!


I recommend their TUNDRA or KIEHINEN knives.

The site is in Finnish so you will have to click the English tab at the top.