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Required Gear for all Classes:
-Basic Kit

-Complete Kit


-Ultimate Kit

-Water, Snacks, and Lunch

-Adequate Clothing for Weather and Bugs

Tim Swanson
Wilderness Survival Skills Instructor
Shirley, Massachusetts
Email to book a class or event!
  • Private One-on-One 
  • Homeschooling
  • Scout Groups
  • Birthday Parties
  • Library Workshops
  • Nature Center Groups
  • Museums
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Public Venues
  • Conservation Commissions


Every custom course is priced specifically to that course. Many factors determine the price once I know: the duration of the program, the number of participants, course content and distance of travel.

Please feel free to ask me any questions that you have through email. Contact me to schedule a cool class! Thank you for your interest in learning with Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival. Please consider following me on Facebook and Instagram @owleyeswilderness.

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The Alula, also known as the thumb feather, is the leading part of a bird's wing. This helps bird species achieve better control of flight and lift. The Alula serves as a metaphor for the leadership skills and competency students gain through learning with Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival.
Students who wish to receive a certification through Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival may choose to pursue the Alula Certification. This certification takes time to accomplish and is a physical reminder of the skills students accumulated through learning with OEWS. Gaining this certification can be used as a "resume builder" when joining Search & Rescue teams, and teaching survival & outdoor skills. A feather patch will be given out at Wilderness Survival 1 through 4 to show progress through those 4 classes. After students earn 4 feathers and take the 5 other qualifying classes (all 9 classes can be taken in any order), they will be eligible for a feather pin and certificate after successful completion of their last class. These certifications are not handed out or sold. They are earned by the student and given at the discretion of the instructor after students have demonstrated their proficiency in their skills. Both children and adults may be certified, but the requirements are different for both categories.
  • Complete Wilderness Survival 1-4 
  • Attend and complete The SOS Challenge
  • Attend and complete a Wilderness First Aid course
  • Attend and complete a Foraging or Herbalism class
  • Attend and complete a Map & Compass course
  • Attend and complete an Animal Tracking class
  • Alula certified adults will be eligible for The OWL Challenge
*All classes or events must be hosted by Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival.
**Alula certified adults may attend Wilderness Survival 1-4 free of charge to refresh their skills.


  • Complete any 4 HOMESCHOOL programs

  • Complete and pass the 3 hour Alula Test

*Alula certified children may intern at the adult survival classes.

OEWS only accepts interns or employees who are Alula certified.

E-mail with any questions or to book a class.

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