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Join OWL EYES WILDERNESS SURVIVAL for a weekend of hide tanning! Camp on the beautiful coast of Maine and learn how to process fresh deer hides into soft and durable buckskin. Class will cover everything you need to know from obtaining a hide, and the entire process of preparing a hide to tan. We will finish with a completed deer hide and everyone will go home with 1/2 a buckskin to sew into something cool. This weekend class is for adults, but minors ages 12+ are welcome with a parent. Morning coffee and dinner will be provided.

$450 a person.

E-Mail owleyeswilderness@gmail.com to sign up or for more info.

Hide Tanning Weekend Bremen, ME November 4 - November 6 2022

This weekend class will be full of learning the process of obtaining, scraping, egging, wringing, tanning, and smoking deer hides. Camp out in rural Maine with a group of like-minded folks sharing the same interest as you. Coffee and dinner will be provided. Campsites will be provided.

Every student will go home with a sizable piece of buckskin to use as they wish on various projects. This is an absolutely beautiful textile that can be made into many different items.

Materials will be provided but we ask that you buy your own FLESHING KNIFE.

Mature minors welcome with a parent.
PRICING: $450 per student.
Email owleyeswilderness@gmail.com to sign up. $100 deposit required to reserve a spot.


Meet Your Instructor

Tim Swanson
is the founder of Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival, a nature connection and wilderness survival school for people of all ages. He holds a double Bachelor’s degree in Adventure Education Leadership and Adventure Therapy. He is a Level 1 Certified Animal Tracker and a Wilderness First Responder. Tim has practiced and taught survival skills in mountains, rainforests, and deserts for over 15 years. OEWS started because of his passion to educate our community about nature awareness, holistic health, and outdoor recreation through the practice of wilderness survival.

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Learn the process of tanning deer hides using eggs. Hides will be obtained from local hunters.



Camp out with like minded folks and work with a partner on a hide. Everyone will go home with buckskin.



This soft and durable material can be made into clothes, wallets, pouches, and footwear.

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Tim will bring many different samples of projects he has completed using buckskin.