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This scholarship donation will benefit a person who would like to attend a class, but may have financial hardship. 100% of all donations Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival receives will go towards the scholarship fund which future students may apply for. The scholarship usually is given to children attending a homeschool program, or adults attending a multi-day class. Donations are in $50 increments. If you wish to donate more than $50, select a higher quantity in your cart. Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival occasionaly hosts free classes, and may offer discounts to lower income individuals, your donation will help further by reducing a student's ticket cost, or allowing them to attend for free. Survival skills and nature connection should be available to all people regardless of demographic or background. Thank you for your help in giving a stranger the gift of wilderness survival skills!


A Special Thanks to Donators:

Lauren B.

Scholarship Donation

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