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Backpacking Gear Checklist

This is the list I use while getting ready for a backpacking trip no matter the length. This should offer a guideline for you to follow as you pack for a wilderness trip, but not as a "what to buy" guide. I am a big fan of finding gear that is cheap money wise, but high quality in the way its made and lasts. I probably do too much research on all aspects of gear as I rely on my outdoor gear every day of my life. The gear with asterisks are "must-take" pieces of kit that come with me on every trip. Everyone has different needs and wants. I like to cover long and fast miles, so I invest in ultralight gear that I specifically use while backpacking. Feel free to print this checklist off and use it to help you remember what to bring as you pack for your next trip. Enjoy!

Download PDF • 1.70MB

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