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Holiday Survival Gear Guide: Flashlights

If you are searching for the perfect gift for almost anyone, you can never go wrong with a flashlight! I am a huge fan of headlamps as they have a headband so you can have both hands free while hiking, setting up camp, crafting, gathering wood, working on your car, etc. These are the 3 headlamps I have used extensively and recommend to anyone looking for a quality gift to give a loved one. I appreciate you purchasing these products through the links provided as I receive a small credit back for sales through my links. Thank you for your support!

I have a bunch of these laying around and this is the headlamp I have used the most. I actually just finished the Presidential Traverse in the White Mountains with this headlamp guiding my way after dark. I keep one in my hiking bag, bug out bag, and one around the house. Black Diamond has proven to be a reliable brand in all of their products I have used. Their flashlights are easy to use, simple, and contain a red light, a bright spotlight, and a dimmer LED. The brightness is also adjustable on each setting.

This is a cool headlamp as its made from recycled plastic and hemp! It has 3 light settings: a red light, a spot light, and a dimmer LED. I like this headlamp a lot because it can take 3 AAA batteries, or the rechargeable battery it comes with. This feature makes it an excellent backpacking light as you can go with the rechargeable battery, and bring extra AAA batteries. I like the natural look of this lamp, and its incredibly lightweight!

If you want to get a very high quality gift, get this headlamp. I have used this headlamp since 2010 (I'm sure I have an older model than what's offered now). I even completed a 91 day backcountry expedition in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Colorado with this lamp. I think I only changed the battery once or twice the entire time and used it every night for hours. It is expensive, and it does take special batteries, but this makes the cut for me. Incredibly easy to use and puts out a nice bright light!

All 3 of these headlamps are excellent and I trust them to pull through when it counts. Either of these would make an excellent gift for a hiker, survivalist, or anyone who may be trying to see in the dark! Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, please send me over an email. -Tim

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