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Skill Signet Art Contest

Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival is hosting a free art contest to anyone who would like to design their very own patch! Participants may use any medium they wish, including digital art. OEWS will work with the winner and create a format that works for patch sewing. No need to worry about the quality of the work in terms of detail, clarity, or coloration, as the winner's art will be redone digitally by OEWS.

Above: The Caller patch represents communication, Emergency response plans, and signaling for rescue.


-Art MUST be in a hexagon shape, as all other Skill Signet patches are that shape. A black border will be standard.

-Any plants, animals, mushrooms, etc, must be minorly detailed, silhouettes are preferred. -Art may contain simple, abstract, or geometrical shapes.

-The artist must provide a name for the art similar to preexisting skill signet patches (ex. The Tree, The Sojourn, The Amphibian, The Shapeshifter, The Snake).

-The artist must provide 3 concepts the patch represents. These should be different, or at least a different aspect, than the Skill Signets already offered by OEWS. These should also be skills and values taught or practiced by OEWS.

1. A value that makes a good survivalist (ex. Awareness, Connection, Understanding)

2. A Soft Skill (ex. Bird Language, Tracking)

3. A Hard Skill (Wood Carving, Rope Making)

-Art will be due April 30, 2024. Voting will take place the entire month of May on the Owl Eyes Wilderness Facebook page. The art with the most likes will win. There will be a children’s and adult category.

-All artists submitting their art understand that they are giving all copyright permission and full ownership of their art to Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival with no compensation or royalties other than the agreed prize for the winner. A contract of permission and ownership will be sent to the winner to sign for reproduction of their art into a Skill Signet patch.

-You may enter as many designs as you wish. Each must be unique and follow the guidelines.

-The winner’s art will be featured on a Skill Signet patch and be a part of the Skill Signet patch lineup indefinitely. Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival cannot guarantee credit except for the artist's name on the Skill Signet Workbook, Skill Signet Info Sheet, and website store.

Above: The Understanding patch represents acceptance, philosophy, and animal traps.

-No purchase necessary to join. Email a scanned photo, digital proof, or high quality image of your art to

We are still figuring out the prize but the winner will be sent 10 free patches once they are sewn up and we may give a free ticket to classes, OEWS swag, A survival kit, or something else. Stay tuned for the announcement of the prize!

Click this file for a printable template (2nd page).

Skill signet Art contest
Download PDF • 58KB

A list of all Skill Signets. Will yours be featured next?! 2 people (child and adult) will win. Good luck and have fun!

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