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"Custom quality" fishing handline by Tim Swanson of Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival. This quality handline is 100% cut, carved, and sanded by hand. A timeless and beautiful fishing kit, these handlines are surely a special piece of gear to carry with you on your adventures.


Each handline is carved stencil free with a knife, sanded for hours, and oiled with Bear Butter. Each handline is generously wrapped with 25 lb test camoflauge braided line backing and a 6 lb test monofiliment leader. A barrel swivel attaches the braided line and monofilament. At the end of the leader, a snapswivel is attached to allow you to quickly change your lures. A Mepps spoon lure comes included with your handline. 

This line setup has been specifically refined by Tim Swanson to allow for less tangling of the line, ease of casting, and success catching/releasing fish.  

Handlines are vertsitile, lightweight, compact, and can be stored in many places. These are a great gift for backpackers, hunters, and of course, fishermen. Keep one in your survival kit, car, backpack, and fishing bag.


Each custom quality handline comes with a care sheet and are ready to use right out of the package! 


Watch the video on how to cast handlines HERE

Custom Quality Fishing Handline 6"

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