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Persistence, Animal Trailing, & Ranged Weapons


This patch measures 2" x 2.3" and has an iron-on backing. 

Anyone can buy a Skill Signet patch, however, they need to mean something to you. 

Feel free to arrange them on your backpack, shirt, or kit any way you'd like.  There are 27 Skill Signets designed, stay tuned for more!

Will you earn them all?


Skill Signets were created to encourage students to increase their learning on specific skills. Each signet represents a value, a soft skill, and a hard skill.

Students must qualify to purchase a patch by 1 of 5 ways:

1. Learn, practice, and demonstrate a skill in class.

2. Work on the patch requirements at home, and demonstrate your success to your instructor.

3. Purchase a patch as a challenge to yourself to practice, develop, and get better at the skills.

4. Gift a patch to someone else to challenge them.

5. Join the monthly skills club.


If you have taken certain classes with Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival, you can already qualify for certain patches. If you have not taken a qualifying class, you are either accepting a challenge for yourself, or must challenge the person that you give it to depending on which patch you choose.


Reach out to let us know if you are challenging yourself, or if you would like a challenge after purchasing!

The Hunter Skill Signet

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