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Wilderness SURVIVAL 1: Introduction to nature

Required Gear for all Classes:
-Basic Kit
-Complete Kit
-Ultimate Kit
-Water, Snacks, and Lunch
-Adequate Clothing for Weather and Bugs

Tim Swanson
Wilderness Survival Skills Instructor
Shirley, Massachusetts
Email to book a class or event!
  • Private One-on-One 
  • Homeschooling
  • Scout Groups
  • Birthday Parties
  • Library Workshops
  • Nature Center Groups
  • Museums
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Public Venues
  • Conservation Commissions


Every custom course is priced specifically to that course. Many factors determine the price once I know: the duration of the program, the number of participants, course content and distance of travel.


Please feel free to ask me any questions that you have through email. Contact me to schedule a cool class! Thank you for your interest in learning with Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival. Please consider following me on Facebook and Instagram @owleyeswilderness.

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This introductory class will set you up with the basic skills to keep yourself warm, hydrated, and fed in the wilderness.


Foundational skills for hikers, backpackers, hunters, trail runners, or anyone wishing to enjoy the outdoors. Wilderness Survival 1 prepares you with basic outdoor skills that will build your confidence, expand your knowledge, and deepen your connection to nature.

Wilderness Survival 1 can be taken as a standalone class, or with the intention to continue further with other OEWS classes involved in the Alula Certification. Students who finish Wilderness Survival 1 will have met the prerequisites to take Wilderness Survival 2 or 3.

Students will be rewarded with an OEWS logo patch and a feather patch at the end of this class.


  • Knife Use/Sharpening/Safety

  • 5 Basic Knots

  • Fire Building with Modern Tools

  • Rabbit Sticks

  • Shelter Building with Modern Gear

  • Water Disinfection

  • Outdoor Clothing Selection

  • Foraging Ethics and Guidelines

  • How to Build a Survival Kit

  • Survival Logistics and Psychology

  • Map & Compass


  • OEWS BASIC, COMPLETE, or ULTIMATE Survival Kit (The COMPLETE Kit is most recommended as it has what you need in one package. Each piece of gear has been hand selected by Tim Swanson to fit the needs of Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival's curriculum).

  • Appropriate clothing for weather and/or bugs

  • Water, lunch, and snacks

  • Notebook and Pen

The linked products above are quality and affordable compared to other gear we have tested and OEWS will never recommend gear that we have not tested and approved ourselves. It is important that students dress prepared for weather, especially cold weather. Class is 100% outside and although class is held off-trail in the forest, it will only be held a short walking distance to the parking area. Please bring extra layers, even if you do not think you will need them.

If you are interested in a knife design developed by Tim Swanson, the lead instructor, please send a message to Jackson Mills of Freedom Forge and inquire about The Talon knife. The Talon knife is Tim's idea of a perfect survival knife for the needs of all of our classes and each one is handmade with custom handle and sheath options. They take a few weeks to make so please plan accordingly if you would like your knife to use in class. Depending on custom options, these knives sell for around $200.

This class is geared for adults, however mature minors are welcome to join. We do not set an age minimum but rather set a maturity standard. It is up to the parents to decide if they feel their child or teen is mature enough for a 6 hour survival class. All students are expected to maintain a level of respect for all students and carry themselves as individuals. If you feel your child will be interruptive to the flow of class, or hinder your independent learning, this class will not be for them and we encourage you to look at our children's survival classes, which are specifically structured for kids. Students below the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


The ticket price covers the cost of 1 student, regardless of age.

This class is held year round, completely outside, and runs rain or shine. If weather conditions make outdoor conditions unsafe, class will be cancelled and students can reschedule into another class.

Tim Swanson, founder and lead instructor of Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival will be teaching this class. For more information on Tim's background and experience, please click HERE.


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