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Holiday Survival Gear Guide: Fire Starters

Do you want the right gift that gives a warm and fuzzy feeling when your loved one or friend opens it up? Well how about a gift that can literally warm them up! Fire starters come in all shapes and sizes, and make an excellent stocking stuffer or gift swap item! Ferro rods, stormproof matches, carabiners, and even jewelry can be used to start fires! Click the photos to be directed to a link to the products. At no additional cost to you, I receive a small monetary commission for products sold through the links. Thank you for your support and please reach out with any questions. I do not recommend products that I have not used and tested. All these photos are of my own personal gear.

The Firebiner is an excellent piece of gear. I particularly like this for 2 main reasons. It can be operated one handed, and it has a seatbelt cutter blade. I keep my keys on one of these so I always have a few backup options without even thinking about it. This is also great for children because its easy to make sparks with. I noticed children have a hard time getting regular ferro rods to spark, and that's why I recommend this for my children's survival classes. This is also a great backpacking gear option.

I had the wonderful opportunity of checking out the WAZOO wear house when I lived in Colorado. They have excellent quality control and great products. I back up anything they sell, but I absolutely love the Spark Necklace. It looks cool, its super lightweight, and it is always there when you need it.

These matches come with me on every hike. They are my main emergency fire starter as they are lightweight and reliable. These are very waterproof and windproof. You could take a few of the matches out and add some EMERGENCY TINDER if you'd like. Just make sure there's more than just one match in the box when the person you give this too goes on a hike ;)

This ferro rod is incredibly lightweight and fits on my LEATHERMAN sheath perfectly. Aside from my matches, this is my other backup fire starter. Exotac makes a few styles of ferro rods, but I like this one because everything screws together to make one unit when its not being used.

Gear is great. Quality gear is even better. Please note that you can have the best gear out there, but without the proper training, gear can only do so much for you. Another gift idea I would like to add is a gift of a survival class. Signing up your loved one for a survival class and giving them a survival kit for the class would be an amazing present to receive! Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival offers survival and crafting classes year-round. CHECK THESE OUT HERE.

Please reach out with any questions regarding these products. I hope this helps you with a few gift ideas :)

-Tim Swanson, Founder and Lead Instructor of Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival

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