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Holiday Survival Gear Guide: Kits

Survival Kits come in all shapes, sizes, and qualities. These two survival kits are both hand assembled from products that I recommend. Either of these would make a great gift!

At Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival, I never recommend products unless I have tested and used them in many environments. The gear I recommend has proven itself to be quality, worth the price, and versatile.

I partnered up with SURVIVAL GEAR BSO to create 2 survival kits for my students as an easy way to buy the gear I recommend. These 2 kits are the BASIC KIT and the COMPLETE KIT. Please click the image for links to the products if you wish to purchase them. I receive a small percentage of credit back if you purchase through the links and I greatly appreciate your support.

I recommend this kit to students who may want to take one class, are children, or want to take on a more minimalist approach to their survival kit. The Basic Kit comes with an Outdoor Element FireBiner, a Mora Basic knife, and a shoulder bag to store a few extra items. I recommend a pair of LEATHER GLOVES and CUT GLOVES. You can't go wrong with a KNIFE SHARPENER either if you'd like to keep your knife sharp! The FireBiner is a fun tool and has proven to work really well with children as I find they have a hard time with the strikers on normal ferro rods. It creates smaller sparks, and does require very fine tinder, but it has proven itself and I keep my car keys on one so I have a fire starter at hand. It would be great for backpacking as well. I also like this tool because it simulates a lighter with no fuel (a realistic situation). Training with this will certainly help you prepare for a more realistic situation. The knife I recommend in this kit is the same knife I have for students to rent during class. They don't cost much, are lightweight, very sharp, and are of excellent quality.

This is the kit I wish I had when I started my survival training journey. The Complete Kit comes with 100 feet of paracord, a Mora Bushcraft knife with a ferro rod and sharpener on the sheath, a pair of leather gloves, a Silky Pocketboy saw, and a shoulder bag. I put together the items in this to be a complete kit adult students would need to pursue my ADULT SURVIVAL CLASSES or for someone who just wants a damn good kit! Silky saws are super sharp, and really good quality. You can never go wrong with any knife from Mora, and the paracord will assist you in many things for class. This would certainly be a great gift for any outdoors enthusiast!

Thanks for reading along! Be sure to check out my other gift guide posts and please reach out with any questions! -Tim

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