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Tim Swanson
Wilderness Survival Skills Instructor
Shirley, Massachusetts
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Every custom course is priced specifically to that course. Many factors determine the price once I know: the duration of the program, the number of participants, course content and distance of travel.


Please feel free to ask me any questions that you have through email. Contact me to schedule a cool class! Thank you for your interest in learning with Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival. Please consider following me on Facebook and Instagram @owleyeswilderness.

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Learn basic & advanced survival skills and immediately put them to the test in this multi-day survival challenge!

Mayhem on the Mountain is a new style of survival class in which you are assigned a team and learn from different instructors who each have their own survival "style". After learning with them separately from the other groups, you instantly put them to the test in survival challenges. The challenge can include anything you learned from your instructor, or something completely new in which you need to figure out how to accomplish. Be prepared for ANYTHING. You could be asked to start a fire under adverse conditions, told to find natural resources at a moments notice, or need to improvise survival solutions using unexpected tools and materials. Rest assured, your new fire, shelter, water, and weapon skills will be put to the test! Challenges will include varying skills including fire, carving, weapons, or anything else. Team and individual challenges, as well as fast or slow paced challenged will be conducted.

The final challenge of this class will be a survival overnight. Students will choose between 3 varying levels of difficulty for the overnight: Easy, Hard, or Solo. Depending on the difficulty level, your instructors will restrict the use of gear or tools while on your overnight. Win prizes during the previous challenges to get more gear to bring with you on your overnight challenge!

This will be a skill heavy class and we expect folks to arrive sober, well hydrated, and ready to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Although this will definitely be a challenge, it will be a fun time and we will learn a lot. Throughout the entire class we will expect students to carry anything with them they would want to have in a survival situation, as things may change suddenly. We may restrict certain gear or tools as well.

During this class, you will essentially be "car camping", as Moose Ridge has many tent sites, bathroom facilities, and potable water. There will be plenty of time for you to relax at your campsite before breakfast and after dinner. We encourage you to bring more than you think you may need, as the weather could get cold or wet.

Mayhem on the Mountain is open to adults, or very mature teens (16+) who arrive with their parent. Lunch, dinner, and morning coffee will be provided. Class is capped at 30 students.

A gear list and schedule will be emailed to you upon sign-up.

*This class has no prerequisites to join, as we will teach you foundational skills before we teach advanced skills. Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival's students who are pursuing the Alula Certification, must take this class, and Survival 1-4 to receive their certification and feather pin. This class is considered as "Survival 5". After completion of Survival 1-5, students will be invited to an exclusive survival trip (Survival 6) ONLY offered to certified Alula students. This 6 day survival trip will be offered in the Fall of 2024.

CLICK HERE for links to recommended gear.

This class is held at the Moose Ridge Wilderness School in Upton, Maine

September 28th - October 1st 2023

CLICK HERE to sign up.

E-mail with any questions.

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